Tuesday, November 4, 2014


  • Robot & Frank (2012) is the film that will be discussed by the At the Movies interest group at 7pm, Monday, November 3.

  • Christina Baker Kline's historical novel Orphan Train will be discussed by the Reflections on Reading interest group at 7pm, Thursday, November 6.

WABAAUW Fundraiser
to benefit AAUW's
 Education Opportunities Fund
"Dine & Donate"
Lone Star Steakhouse
6210 Grand Avenue, Gurnee
November 9 - November 16
  • The Exploring Culture interest group will visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie the morning of Monday, November 10.
  • The WABAAUW general meeting this month will be at 7pm, Tuesday, November 11, at the Gurnee Police Facility.  The documentary Fly Girls (about WASPs in WWII) will be shown.  As always, this meeting is open to the public.

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