Thursday, July 17, 2008

Event Descriptions

Event Descriptions

GENERAL MEETINGS: Held monthly, September through June, branch general meetings are open to the everyone. Invited speakers address topics such as education, current events/politics, women’s issues, the environment, and the local community. At each event, socializing and networking take place during refreshments.

BOARD MEETINGS: Required for elected branch officers and suggested for committee chairs, these meetings--open to the membership--are where most of the branch’s business and planning takes place.

DISTRICT CONFERENCE: As one of the 14 AAUW-IL, Inc., District 5 branches, the Waukegan Area Branch participates with District 4 branches in an annual fall conference. Attendees learn “what’s happening” at state and national levels of AAUW.

LUNCHEON & SILENT AUCTION: Twice a year this branch has luncheons at restaurants, and the program is a fund-raising silent auction. Guests are most welcome!

NETWORKING LUNCHEON: No business is conducted at this networking event...just a delightful lunch, an opportunity to share ideas with like-minded women, and a chance to hear an outstanding speaker.

EF FELLOWS BRUNCH: Members who attend this function have the pleasure of hearing from recipients of Education Foundation fellowships and grants, learning how AAUW funding has positively changed these women by allowing them to further their educations and research.

STATE CONVENTION: All AAUW members are encouraged to attend this annual two-day event that includes workshops, speakers, business sessions, distributions of awards, election of state officers, and lots of opportunities for networking.

AAUW CONVENTION: Held biannually over several days, the Association Convention is an outstanding assembly of members from all over the country. Nationally known speakers alone make the event worthwhile, but it is also here that AAUW business is conducted by members.

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