Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interest Groups

Interest Groups

The Waukegan Area Branch has six active interest groups at this time. The number of groups can fluctuate, depending upon the interests and enthusiasm of branch members. Most interest groups meet monthly, usually at a member’s home. Specifics are reported in the branch’s monthly newsletter. Refreshments and socializing are implied at these gatherings.

AT THE MOVIES: If you like films, especially those that highlight a female element, this is the group for you. Members decide which movies to watch--separately or in small groups--and then have lively discussions.

BABY HATS WITH LOVE: In this relatively new, yet well-received community outreach project, branch members knit/crochet hats for newborns at Waukegan’s Vista Health/Victory Memorial Hospital.

BOOK REVIEW: Branch members or invited reviewers enthusiastically present their interpretations of books of their choosing, encouraging the group to continue their love of reading.

EXPLORING CULTURE: Field trips to local venues, ranging from art to history to nature and more, are the focus of this group. Destinations are normally within an hour of Waukegan, but some overnight adventures have taken place.

REFLECTIONS ON READING: With so many new books appearing annually, how do the members of this group decide what to read? You’ll have to attend one of the meetings to learn that...and perhaps you’ll have a suggestion of your own.

TRAVELOGUE: Whether you travel or just have an interest in the wider world, hearing tales and seeing photos/slides/videos of the highs and lows of the presenter’s journey will be interesting and perhaps inspirational.

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