Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Presidential Candidates' Position

Where does Governor Romney stand on closing the pay gap? Where does President Obama stand on college affordability? Where do the presidential candidates stand on a woman’s right to access affordable contraception without asking her boss’s permission? Are you sure you know their positions?

All these answers and more can be found on the AAUW Action Fund’s 2012 Presidential Voter Guide. The Action Fund has thoroughly researched the candidates’ records and public positions to assess where they stand on AAUW’s priority issues.

Use this guide to educate yourself and others. Share it with your friends and family. Take it to town halls to ask candidates why they hold that position. Speak up and make your voice heard!

Voter guides are part of the AAUW Action Fund’s VoteHER Toolkit, which also includes voter guides for key Senate races, the Congressional Voting Record for the 112th Congress, and a report on the Obama administration’s first term. The VoteHER Toolkit is a component of the It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard campaign to educate and mobilize women voters, especially young women of the millennial generation. Learn more on the AAUW Action Fund website and through the weekly campaign update—and get involved by sharing the campaign’s social media feeds, registering voters, or hosting phone-banking and canvassing parties! Email VoterEd@aauw.org with any questions.

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